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Vincent van Gogh 2
'Oh, the pictures I might have made!'-Vincent

portrait89f_0525.jpg (6406 bytes)
May 1889-May 1890
(143 paintings)

**1889 Vincent's mental state fluctuates wildly. At times he is completely calm and coherent; at others he suffers from hallucinations and delusions.

Vincent continues to work sporadically from his "Yellow House", but the increasing frequency of his mental breakdowns prompt him, with Theo's help, to enter the Saint Paul-de-Mausole mental asylum at _________1________.

When able, Vincent continues his paintings of landscapes (his famous series of olive groves and cypresses) from the asylum, but is forced to stop when his attacks (in which he tries to poison himself by swallowing his own paints) return.


a- Paris
b- St. Rémy
c- Arles
Vincent confines himself indoors and begins to do a series paintings based on the works of other artists he admires (specifically Millet and Delacroix).

Ironically, as Vincent's mental state steadily deteriorates throughout the course of the year, his work is finally beginning to receive recognition in the art community.

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His Starry Night over the Rhone and Irises are exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants a group of ________2______ painters in September and in November he is invited to exhibit six of his works by Octave Maus (1856-1919), secretary of the Belgian artist group, Les XX. Vincent begins to work out of doors once again, but the year concludes with one of his worst attacks, in which he again tries to poison himself, and he is once more incapacitated.

a- Art nouveau
b- Cubist
c- Impressionist

Portrait of Doctor GachetOil on canvas 68.0 x 57.0 cm.Auvers-sur-Oise: June, 1890F 754, JH2014 Paris: Musée d'Orsay
May - July 1890
(77 paintings)

1890 His works gain more and more recognition. On 31 January Theo's wife, Jo, gives birth to a son who they name Vincent Willhem. After a serious attack in February lasting two months, it's decided that Vincent should move closer to Theo and be put under the care of ______3_______.

a-Dr. Paul Gachet.
b-Dr. Louis Pasteur
c-Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Wheat Field with CrowsOil on canvas50.5 x 103.0 cm.Auvers-sur-Oise: July, 1890F 779, JH 2117 Amsterdam: >

Vincent begins to paint with incredible energy, producing more than 80 paintings in the last two months remaining to him. He lived the last months of his life in _______4______.


As conditions for Vincent improved, they took a turn for the worse for Theo, who was experiencing financial difficulties and who was troubled at his new son's ill health.
Two Cut Sunflowers
Oil on canvas
43.2 x 61.0 cm.
Paris: August-September, 1887
F 375, JH 1329 
New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Vincent visits Theo on 6 July and is devastated at the state of Theo's condition.

On 27 July Vincent goes for a walk and _____5_____.

Vincent dies early the next morning on 29 July. The funeral takes place shortly thereafter and his coffin is covered with dozens of sunflowers, which he loved so much.

a- poisons himself
b- shoots himself
c- hangs himself

grave1sm.jpg (8112 bytes)

1891 Theo never recovers from the death of his beloved brother and his health takes a turn for the worse. He dies on 25 January at Utrecht.

1914Theo's body is exhumed and he is buried in a grave next to Vincent in _____6____

b- Auvers-sur Oise
c-Père Lachaise (Paris)

Mother at the Cradle and Child Sitting on the Floor
Etten: October, 1881
(Otterlo, Kröller-Müller Museum)
F 1070, JH 74

Miners in the Snow (

1962 The Vincent van Gogh Foundation is established in ________7______. The Foundation is devoted to acquiring Vincent's paintings, etchings and letters.

The Van Gogh Museum is built by the _______7_____ government. The museum holds hundreds of Vincent's works as well as a huge archive containing letters and documents.


Oil on canvas75.0 x 93.0 cm.Arles: November, 1888F 495, JH 1626 
Moscow: Pushkin Museum
1990 Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting,
_______8_____, and never painted his brother!!!

a-The Red Vineyard
b- The Potato pickers
c- The Grape pickers


Vincent painted many series.  One of these was the whole Roulin family, but especially his friend Joseph of whom there are at least 6 portraits.  Joseph Roulin was always painted in his _______9______ uniform.

a- Sailor
b- Soldier
c- Postman

Pencil, pen
31.5 x 24.5 cm.
Paris: Autumn, 1886
F 1378r, JH 1197 
Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum

15 May 1990:

  ______10_____ is sold in auction at Christie's for $82.5 million, the highest price ever paid for a painting.

a- The portrait of Dr. Gachet
b- The portrait of Theo
c- The portrait of Joseph Rolin

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