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Vincent van Gogh
"Death is hard, but life is harder"-Vincent

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Bridge, The
Zundert: 11 January 1862
(Otterlo, Kröller-Müller Museum)

*1853 Vincent van Gogh is born on 30 March in the small village of Groot-Zundert, ___1____, to Theodorus Van Gogh (1822-1885) and Anna Cornelia née Carbentus (1819-1907). 1.
a- Belgium
b- Holland
c- France

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The Hague: Spring, 1873(Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum)

After finishing his schooling, Vincent is apprenticed in the Hague to Goupil & Cie, art dealers from Paris. 1876Vincent goes to England where he takes a new job as a teacher and ____2____ physical and mental state take a downturn.
1877Vincent then pursues religious studies in Amsterdam.

a- a painter
b- an art dealer
c- a curate

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(33 works)

(34 paintings)

1878Vincent is determined to pursue a religious vocation.  He  travels to the Borinage, a ___ 3___ in Belgium. The conditions are extremely bad He lives in complete poverty.

a-coal mining village
b-dairy farm
c- a potato farm

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  Vincent abandons his religious pursuits and devotes himself exclusively to painting  His ____4____. Theo begins to financially support Vincent, a situation that would continue until the end of Vincent's life.Vincent undertakes some formal studies of anatomy and perspective at the Academy in Brussels.


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1882  Vincent meets Clasina Maria Hoornik (known as Sien) and they move in together. Sien is a ____5____ with a five year old daughter and is pregnant with another child.  Vincent begins to experiment with oils and spends much time painting nature as well as using Sien and her newborn child as models.

a- countess
b- social worker
c- prostitute

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December 1883 -
November 1885  
(196 paintings)

After more than a year together, Vincent ends his relationship with Sien and pursues a life devoted exclusively to his work.  Vincent moves to Nuenen to stay with his parents. 1884Vincent begins a relationship with a neighbour's daughter, Margot Begemann. Both families are opposed to their plan to marry and, in despair, Margot attempts to poison herself.

1885 After the death of his father in March, Vincent continues with his work and, in early spring, paints what many consider to be his first great work ____6____,

Vincent expands his experiments to include a greater variety of colors and becomes extremely interested in Japanese woodcuts.

a-Family dinner
b-The Potato Eaters
c-Evening at home 

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March 1886 -
February 1888
(227 paintings)


Wishing to continue with some more formal education in the arts, Vincent submits some of his works to the Antwerp Academy and is put in a beginner's class. As expected, Vincent doesn't fit in well with the Academy and leaves.

Later in the year Vincent moves to____7____ and lives with Theo.
Vincent begins studies with Cormon (1845-1924) at his atelier.

It is not so much the training that influences Vincent, but rather his introduction to his fellow students: John Russell (1858-1931), Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) and Emile Bernard (1868-1941).


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Later in the year, Theo, who is working for Boussod & Valadon managing an art gallery in Montmartre, introduces Vincent to the works of the Impressionists: Claude Monet, Pierre-August Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas and Georges Seurat. Their work has a profound influence on Vincent and his use of colour. Later in the year, Vincent becomes friends with painter _______8______

a turbulent relationship that would later prove to be another turning point in Vincent's  life.

a- Gauguin
b- Morisot
c- Cassatt

arlesf_0545.jpg (12321 bytes)

February 1888 -
May 1889
(189 paintings)

1888  A pivotal point in Van Gogh's life. Vincent leaves Paris in February and moves to ____9____

At first the bad, winter weather prevents Vincent from working, but once spring arrives Vincent begins painting the flowering Provence landscapes.

a- St.Rémy
b- Marseilles
c- Arles

brothelf_0478.jpg (9439 bytes)

Gauguin finally arrives in October and moves in with Vincent in his "Yellow House" This proves to be an extremely rewarding and productive time for Vincent and Gauguin,on 23 December when Vincent is supposed to have attacked _______10_____ with a razor. Immediately after the failed attack, Vincent loses all reason and cuts off his left earlobe. He then wraps it in newspaper and presents it to a prostitute at the local brothel he frequented. He is then hospitalized

a- a prostitute
b- Gauguin
c- himself


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