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Q1 : What is the name of this prehistoric site?

a   Stonehenge
b   Altamira
c   Lascaux

The beginning of humanity, prehistory is a complex and not well known period.
It fascinates by sending many to his origin.
The complex evolution led the primates to apprehend, try to understand, represent and then dominate his world though art.
The discovery of prehistoric art has revolutionized our artistic concept which continues to inspire contemporary creators.

The great periods:

One can distinguish two prehistoric periods: Paleolithic and Neolithic.

Q2 :How was the Paleolithic period described in the past?

a   the age of cut stone
b   the age of copper
c   the age of polished stone

Q3 : How was the Neolithic period called?

a   the bronze age
b   the polished stone age
c   the cut stone age

Q4 : What are these structures called?

a  dolmens
b  menhirs
c  asterix

Q5 : When is the start of the Paleolithic period with the first men (Homo sapiens type)?

a   more than 100 million years
b   more than 2 billion years
c   more than 2 million years

Q6 : The Neolithic period in the Near-East started around which dates?

a  - 1000 000  - 600 000 years
b    it didn't take place  
c   - 10 000 et - 6 000 years

Q7 : What is this?

a   an obelix
b   a dolmen
c   a menhir

Q8 : The Neolithic city of Çatal Höyük (Anatolie, Turkey) had how many houses?

a   one thousand 
b   a million
c   about ten

Q9 : The origins of pottery date back to when?

a  the cretaceous period
b  the Paleolithic period
c  the Neolithic period

Q10 : With which invention, whose oldest traces come from Mesopotamia (@. - 3 300) did man enter "History"? 

a   writing
b   war
c   the telephone

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