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02 The Impressionists

Réponse BQ1 : The painting:¨Promenade¨was painted by?

a  Frédéric Bazille
b  Alfred Sisley
c  Auguste Renoir

Réponse AQ2 : Which political man was Monet's friend?

a   Clémenceau
b   Napoléon III
c   Churchill

Réponse CQ3 :Which writer defended the Impressionits he most?

a   Eugène Sue
b   Victor Hugo
c   Emile Zola

Réponse BQ4 : Which year was the first "independent show" of the painters called "impressionists?

a  1874
b  1878
c  1870

Réponse BQ5 :What is the pendant of the painting called "A Country Dance" (A. RENOIR) ?

a   There isn't one
b  "Dance in town"
c   "A Sunday in the country"

Réponse CQ6 : Which scene was painted by Monet, Manet and Picasso?

a   Femmes au jardin (Women in the garden)
b   La grenouillère (The Frog-ery (?) )
c  Le déjeuner sur l'herbe (Lunch on the grass)

Réponse AQ7 : Where was Camille Pissaro born?

a   Antilles
b   London
c   Pantoise

Réponse AQ8 : During which war did this movement take place?

a   1870
b   1914
c   1939

Réponse CQ9 : Which Impressionist painter said:" one day, one of us didn't have any more black, and impressionism was born " ? 

a  Paul Cézanne
b  Camille Pissarro
c  Auguste Renoir

Réponse CQ10 : Who painted this painting:  "Portraits in an Office" ?

a  Caillebotte
b  Sisley
c  Degas

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