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01 The Impressionists

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Q1 : What is the title of this painting from 1886?

a   the basin
b   the tub
c   the hit

Q2 : Who painted the painting above?

a   Degas
b   Pissaro
c   Monet

Q3 : Who was recognized as the leader of the Impressionistic school?

a   Auguste Renoir
b   Claude Monet
c   Edouard Manet

Q4 : In which journal, did the critique  Louis Leroy, the  25 of April 1874 say: " Impression I was sure, I said to myself that since I was impressed, there must be an Impression in this..."?

a   Le Figaro
b   Le Charivari
c   Le Monde

Q5 : Who painted: ¨Les grands boulevards¨?

a  Frédéric Bazille
b  Auguste Renoir
c  Camille Pisarro

Q6 :Who is not part of the Impressionist movement?i

a  Paul Cézanne
b   Camille Pissaro
c  J-A.D Ingres

Q7 :Where does the term Impressionist come from?

a   from the painting "Ball" by Degas
b   a printing technique
c   from the painting:   "Impression of Rising Sun "by Monet

Q8 : Who started his career by painting porcelain at 13 years of age?

a  Claude Monet
b  Edgar Degas
c  Auguste Renoir

Q9 : Which statement does not apply to the Impressionist movement?

a   Instead of painting with well defined lines, they paint with dots and short lines.
b    The artists gather visual sensations of landscapes and paint the light and it's effect.
c   They paint scenes of history and religion.

Q10 : Who painted this painting:"the Three Bathers"?

a  Alfred Sisley
b  Edgar Degas
c  Paul Cézanne


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