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01 La Bande Noire
(the black group)

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Q1 : This picture  is a detail of a young French girl with a coiffe.  This is a painting  by which artist?

a   André Dauchez
b   René Ménard
c   Charles Cottet

Q2 : This name is attributed to painters from which particular region of France with a particular rough and stylized realism?

a   Brittany
b   Burgundy
c   Switzerland

Q3 : Inspired by violent contrasts of the region, what kind of paintings did these artists paint?

a   paintings inspired by the Greek world
b   realistic
c   abstract

Q4 : Which great painters followed in this style?

a   Dali
b   David
c   Courbet

Q5 : Who is a "Bande Noire" painter?

a   Charles Cottet
b   André Dauchez
c   Van gogh

Q6 : What movement was part of this "Bande Noire"?

a   Surrealism
b   Naturalism
c   Abstract

Q7 : Which great writer is known for his naturalistic writings?

a   Alphonse Daudet
b   Alexandre Dumas
c   Emile Zola

Q8 : Which painter is considered the leader of this group?

a   Charles Cottet
b   Odilon Redon
c   Laude Monet

Q9 : Who is not part of this group?

a   René Ménard
b   Ingres
c   Lucien Simon

Q10 :Which one is a "Bande Noire" painter who did this painting?

a   Lucien Simon
b   Puvis de Chavanne
c   Seurat

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