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Las Meninas

1: In which year did Velasquez  paint this painting?


2: What does "las Meninas" mean?

Asmall princess
Cladies in waiting

3: Who is the painter represented on the left?

A Peter Paul Rubens
B Velasquez himself
C an anonymous painter of the court
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4: The cross that the painter has on his chest is that of the knights of:

Athe Order of the Garter
Bthe Order of Malta
Cthe Order of Calatrava

5: What is the painter painting in the painting?

Athe royal children
Ba still life
Ca portrait of the royal couple

6: Who are the characters reflected in the mirror?

Atwo servants
Bthe king Philippe IV and his wife Marie-Anne of Austria
Cit is  a window and not  a mirror

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7: Who is the fair young girl to whom another girl offers an earthenware jar?

Athe infante Maribarbola
Bthe infante Maria Teresa
Cthe infante Margarita

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8: To what criticism does the term "game of mirrors" refer to in this painting?

AThere is a mirror which represents the reflected image and another which
reflects the whole painting, so that the viewer can include himself like a character in the painting.
BThe table reflects what there is on the other side of the mirror.
CIt is the mirror at the bottom which attracts the eye.

9: Apart from the painting which is with the Museum of the Prado in Madrid,
there is a second version (probably painted by Velasquez itself) at the:

ABritish Museum, London
BMuseum of the Hermitage, Saint-Petersbourg
CKingston House, Dorset

10: Which artist of the 20th century is particularly interested in the geometric
composition and painted many versions of this painting?

AGeorge Directs
BAndy Warhol
CPablo Picasso

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