symbolist sculpture

Q1 : Who sculpted this panel ?

a  Gauguin
b  Max Klinger
c  Picasso

Q2 : Who did this sculpture?

a  Rupert Carabin
b  Louis Barrias
c  Bartholomé

Q3 : Who did this sculpture?

a  Biegas
b  Rupert Carabin
c  Gauguin

Q4 : What nationality is this sculptor?

a  Swiss
b  Dane
c  French

Haunted House : oeuvre de Boleslas Biegas

Q5 : What is the name of the house in the islands where Gauguin lived in 1902 with its numerous sculpted panels?

a  the House of Joy
b  the House of Pleasure
c  the House of Happiness

Q6 : What other art did Gauguin do other than painting and sculpture?

a  ceramic
b  dance
c  music

Q7 : Who is this by?

a  Gustav Vigeland
b  Max Klinger
c  Rodin

Q8 : What nationality is this sculptor?

a  Swiss
b  German
c  Belgian

Q9 : In honor of which musician was this monument created in 1902?

a  Wagner
b  Brahms
c  Beethoven

Q10 :What is the name of this Norwegian sculptor who created this obelisk?

a  Gustav Vigeland
b  Max Klinger
c  Louis Barrias

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