romantic sculpture

Q1 : What is the name of this work?

a   Departure of the Volunteers
b   la Marseillaise (national anthem)
c   On the Way to Glory

Q2 : What is the name of this romantic French sculptor?

a  François Rude
b  Auguste Clésinger
c  Maillol

Q3 :On which Paris monument is this work located?
a  l'Hôtel de Ville (City Hall)
b  l'Arc de Triomphe
c  Eiffel Tower

Q4 : What is the name of the sculptor?

a   François Rude
b   Auguste Clésinger
c   Rodin

Q5 : What is the name of this work?

a   The Lascivious Woman
b   Reclining Woman
c   The Woman and the Snake

Q6 : This work " Alligator fight" also has another name, what is it?

a   The Crocodiles
b   The Jungle
c   The Nubiens

Q7 : It's author ?

a   Rodin
b   Barrias
c   Rude

Q8 : What is the name of the sculptor ?

a   Daumier
b   Degas
c   Maillol

Q9 : The name of the work?

a   The Deputy
b   The President
c   The Legislator

Q10 : This sculptor is mostly known for?

a  his caricatures
b  his great knowledge
c  his landscapes

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Rouget de Lisle (fr)

Rouget de Lisle "La Marseillaise"-anthem

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