the Greeks

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Q1 : What is the name of this statue?

a   the discus thrower
b   the wrestler
c   Apollo

Q2 : Who is the Greek god of the seas?

a  Neptune
b  Poseidon
c  Jupiter

Q3 : What is the name of this statue?

a   the Victory of Thrace
b   the Victory of Samothrace
c   the Victory of Athens

Q4 : Who is the god of commerce for the Greeks?

a   Mercury
b   Ares
c   Hermes

Q5 : Which deity is the daughter of  Zeus and of Dione ?

a   Aphrodite
b   Artemis
c   Athena

Q6 : Where did the Greek gods live?

a  Olympus
b  Athens
c  Sparta

Q7 : Who is the son of  Zeus and of Leto, born on the island of  Delos, who had a twin sister named Artemis ?

a  Hephaistos
b  Apollo
c  Dionysus

Q8 : Which goddess gave her name to a famous Greek city?

a   Metis
b   Athena
c   Rhea

Q9 : Which goddess had a temple considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World?

a   Hera
b   Leto
c   Artemis

Q10 : Who is the son of Zeus and Hera ?

a  Ares
b  Hermes
c  Dionysus

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