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Q1 : Who painted this painting?

a   Fragonard
b   Watteau
c   Nattier

Q2 : When was this period named?

a  2nd half of the19th century
b  1st half of the 19th century
c  1st half of the 18th century

Q3 : This name came after which  decorations built since the Renaissance? 
a   decoration on market squares
b   theater decorations
c   decorations of caves and grottos

Q4 : By which term do you designate compositions of this style (pieces of shells, mineral concretions, synuous vegetation, birds or sea animals with contour lines.)?

a   coquimetrism
b   dissymetrism
c   parallelism

Q5 : Who painted this painting "Thalia, Muse of Comedy" ?

a   Trogert
b   Nattier
c   Maulbertsch

Q6 :In France, the main subjects of this style represent subjects of which types of scenes?

a   family scenes
b   pastoral scenes and festivities
c   battlefield scenes

Q7: In Paris, which monument can you admire which was decorated under the direction of  Boffrand rom 1735 to 1740 with the help of  sculptors (brothers Adam and J.-B. Lemoyne) ant painters (Boucher, Natoire, C. Van Loo). : ?

a   hotel du Nord
b   hotel de la Gare
c   hôtel Soubise

Q8 : From which country was the painter Hogarth from?

a   England
b   Germany
c   Switzerland

Q9 : Who does not belong to   this style?

a   Lajoue
b   Boucher
c   Clouet

Q10 : Who painted the painting "le faux-pas"?

a   Trogert
b   Maulbertsch
c   Watteau

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