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Q1 : Who painted this painting?

a  Rembrandt
b  Botticelli
c  Durer

Q2 : Why did the term Renaissance appear in the 16th century?

a   the return of the obscurism and darkness of the Middle Ages.
b   the impression the people of the times  that they were living in a very different period from that of the Middle Ages.
c   the discovery of prehistoric sites.

Q3 : What is the title of this engraving?

a   The attack of the stage coach
b   the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
c   Genghis Khan

Q4 : Who is the painter?

a   da Vinci
b   Rembrandt
c   Dürer

Q5 : Who is the painter of this picture (detail)?

a   Dürer
b   Giotto
c   Bosch

Q6 : Which movement was born in Italy at the end of the Middle Ages?

a   Humanism
b   Communism
c    Libéralism

Q7 : Who invented the printing press in Europe?

a   Charlemagne
b   Guttenberg
c   Da Vinci

Q8 : Which other works in fashion at the time did the invention of printing help, besides the Humanistic works?

a    works of sorcery
b    works of antiquity
c    works of cooking

Q9 : For which cause did the Renaissance spread rapidly outside of Italy in the 16th century?

a   the Pope
b   Italian cooking
c   the wars taking place on the Italian peninsula

Q10 : What is one reason  the Mona Lisa  is so well known?

a   it was stolen several times
b   it is painted with gouache
c   there is another picture on the back

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