02 Romanticism in America (1800-1900)

Name given to a movement of the liberation of art and the self.  The esthetic and moral values of romanticism influenced the art of other countries which underwent political and social revolutions.

1.  This painting was painted by which American artist?


          a Emanuel Leutz          
                                   b George Caleb Bingham                      
               c Frederick Church          
  d Winslow Homer


2. This painter is recognized as one of the best painters of the sea.

('Fog warning')

              a Winslow Homer          
               b Albert Pinkham Ryder
  c Henry Tanner
       d Thomas Eakins  


3. This African-American had to go
to France to be recognized.

banjo lesson
(Click to enlarge 'Banjo lesson')

       a Thomas Eakins
      b Henry Tanner
                    c Albert Pinkham Ryder
          d Frederik Church


4. Considered as the first american "Realist",
he studied in Paris and was influenced by the
"neo-classics" and the reaslism of  Courbet. 

Gross clinic
(The Gross Clinic-anatomy lesson)

       a Henry Tanner        
            b Thomas Eakins           
            c Albert Pinkham Ryder
   d Ashler Durand   


5.This artist is known for the painting
representing the last American frontier.

(click to enlarge 'Fur traders')

                     a Winslow Homer    
                          b Albert Pinkam Ryder
                               c Frederick Edwin Church
                              d George Caleb Bingham


6.  One of the first artists to paint outdoors,
this painter was influenced by the
works of John Constable (English),
and formed a group called the 
'Hudson River School'
(N.Y. & Pensylvania) 


                        a Frederick Edwin Church               
       b George Caleb Bingham
               c Asher B. Durand                  
    d Winslow Homer        


7. A visionary, this painter chose his subjects from
Shakespeare, Byron, Poe and Wagner.
He painted about 170 works,
which unfortunatly have deteriorated over time. 
He is considered as a pioneer of american art.


           a Frederick Edwin Church
  b Winslow Homer    
       c Albert Pinkam Ryder
   d Frederick Church 

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