Prehistoric Art 1
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Grottes de Lascaux (Caves in France)


1. Why did Prehistoric people paint their caves?

a- to decorate their dwelling.
b- for the pleasure of painting.
c- for reasons unknown till today.

Lascaux horse (Cave painting)

2. Among these 3 colors only one
was known to prehistoric painters:

b- green
c- bleue

cave art

3. Ochres were ground, mixed with water and:

a- vegetable oil
b- egg yolk
c-animal grease

4. Brushes could be made from:

a- feathers
b- cut-up cloth
c- dry weeds

prehistoric cave

5. Which technique of drawing did they use?

a- tracings
b- stencils
c- transfer by squares (graphs)

6. After making a sketch with charcoal le
the filling of the color was filled by:

a- blowing a dry color
     with the help of a bone or hollow reed.
b- by rubbing with the help of a piece of hide
c- by rubbing with dry leaves.

Prehistoric cave

7. How did the prehistoric people
light their caves?fire

a- with candles
b- with florescent stones
c- with stoneware lamps filled with grease


8.What kind of signs were found in the caves?

a- cabbalistic signes
b- enigmatic signs
c- writings

9. Which of these animals can you find in the caves?wollymamoth

a- bears
b- butterflies
c- eagles

Altamira horse (Cave in Spain)

10. What kind of sculpture can you find in the caves?

a- furniture
b- reliefs drawings
c- sceneries

Lascaux bull

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