01 The "Pompier painters"(Firemen)

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Q1 : Who painted these paintings ?

a   Bouguereau
b   Papety
c   Baudry

Q2 : What does the name "Pompier"(firement) allude to in reference to this painting movement?

a   the paintings depict fires
b   the characters in many of the paintings wear helmets
c   most of the painters were also firemen

Q3 :How can you describe this style?

a   pointillist
b   avant-garde
c   conventional et solemn

Q4 : Which other term is used to decribe this style?

a   Impérialist
b   Academic
c   Incendiary

Q5 : Who painted this painting?

a   Cabanel
b   Amaury Duval
c   Flandrin

Q6 : Which style of painting is the furthest away from the "Pompier" style?

a   Pré-Raphaelite
b   Impressionism
c   Réalism

Q7 Who is not a "Pompier" painter?

a   Bouguereau
b   Gérôme
c   Degas

Q8 : Who's painting is this?

a  Flandrin
b  Gérôme
c  Cabanel

Q9 : Who is an Academic or "Pompier" painter?

a   Vélasquez
b   Meissonier
c   Goya

Q10 : Who painted this painting?

a   Bouguereau
b   Delaroche
c   Meissonier



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