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1.gif (2448 bytes) How can one define the classicism style of Picasso?

A floral compositions
B abstracted and minimalist
C statuary and monumental

In 1915 who does Picasso collaborate with in new form of ballet, combination between the theatre, the variety, the circus and the technical elements of the modern life?

Athe poet Jean Cocteau
Bthe scenario writer Charlie Chaplin
Cthe scenario writer Orson Wells

What technique does Picasso use as of the phase of   cubism in the development of his work  which  will intensify in his classicism period?

A photography
B the cinema
C video

With which movement did M. Ernst, S. Dali, Y. Tanguy, Man Ray, L Buńuel took part and  which Picasso adhered?

A realism
C impressionism

Who did Fernande Olivier call: "the Beautiful Fernande"?

A Derain
B Cocteau
C Apollinaire

What is the meaning of the title "Guernica"   the work most known of Picasso's?

Aan invented name
B Guernica means war in Spanish
Cthe town of Guernica was bombarded by the German aviation

What style of painting is this work?


What does expressionism mean?

AA form of art endeavouring to give to a work the maximum of expressive intensity
BAn artistic tendency inspired of traditional antiquity or classicisme of the 17th century
CAn artistic movement born  shortly after the  World War I prolonging to the Dada movement

Who did Dora Maar collaborate with before her meeting with Picasso?

Athe  painter Vlaminck
Bthe poet Jean Cocteau
Cthe photographer Man Ray

At what age did  Pablo Picasso die on April 8, 1973 in Mougins, in France?

A91 years old
B61 years old
C101 years old

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