Picasso 02

1.gif (2448 bytes) Where does the name Picasso come from?

Aan anagram
Bname of his father
Cname of his mother

2.gif (1944 bytes) Which painter, at the beginning of 1901, commits suicide, strongly marking Picasso's life and his pictorial approach?

A Casagemas
B Van Gogh
C Juan Gray

3.gif (2464 bytes) Which main topics are represented during the time known as the "bleue  period" (1901-1904)?

Asocial concerns
Bjoy in life

4.gif (1956 bytes) What does the  color blue represent in painting since the German romanticism?

Arealism and the concreteness
Bthe marvellous  and the supernatural
Cnothing special

5.gif (2434 bytes) What followed the period blue?

A the red period
B the period kaki
C the pink period

6.gif (1964 bytes) Which topics are often represented during this new time?

A scenes of battles and the apology for the war
B pastoral and realistic scenes
C hairstyles, maternity and the circus

7.gif (2471 bytes) Which principal representatives of the Fawn movement meet Picasso, (making a scandal at the  autumn Show of 1905)?

A Dufy and Vlaminck
B Marquet and Rouault
C Matisse and Derain

8.gif (1967 bytes) Which is its first major media work, marking the birth of the cubism?

AYoung ladies of Avignon
BYoung ladies of Rochefort
CYoung ladies of Carpentras

9.gif (2446 bytes) Which other artist, at the same time, had arrived to comparable results out of pictorial matter (cubism)?


10.gif (2402 bytes) Towards which tendency does Picasso turn to  in  1907-1915?

A classicism period
Babstract period
Cremain in mobility cubism

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