Picasso 01

1.gif (2448 bytes) When was  Picasso born?

AJanuary 25, 1959
BMay 10, 1901
COctober 25, 1881

2.gif (1944 bytes) In which country?

AMalaga, in Spain
BParis, in France
COporto, in Portugual

3.gif (2464 bytes) Which was the profession of his father?

Adrawing professor and conservator of the municipal museum
Bdentist and mayor of the city
Cmovie actor and professor of dramatic art

4.gif (1956 bytes) At what age did Picasso expose "the first Communion", at the Exposition of Decorative Arts of Barcelona, considered as a major show in Spain? 

A at 20 years old
B at 15 years old
C at 10 years old

5.gif (2434 bytes) In which show did he take part with "Last moments", during his first voyage to Paris?

Athe last  Impressionist show
Ba Cubist show
Cthe World Fair in 1900

6.gif (1964 bytes) Which French great painters does he discover  who will influence him in his future works?

A Rousseau and the naifs painters
B Mondrian, Kandinsky, Klee
C Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas

7.gif (2471 bytes) Which name (name of his father) does he give up for the name  Picasso, in 1901?

A Sanchez
B Gomez
C Ruiz

8.gif (1967 bytes) Which is the name of the Parisian workshop where he settles definitively, in 1904?

Athe boat wash-house
Bthe workshop of Batignolles
Cthe Perched Cat

9.gif (2446 bytes) Which is the trade of Olga, with whom he married in 1918,
(and for which he made decorations and costumes)?

A Holywood actress
B Opera of Venice singer
C dancer of the Russian Ballet

10.gif (2448 bytes) In which artistic movements did Picasso do illustrations?

A dadaism and surrealism
B futurism and abstract art
C pop-art and cinetism

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