01 Neoclassical

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Q1 : Who painted these paintings?

a   Chasseriau
b   Girodet-Trioson
c   Fuzzli

Q2 : Which instrument did Ingres play?(This expression came to mean"hobby")

a   the guitar
b   the violin
c   the mandolin

Q3 :What artistic movement did it take as a model?

a   the world at that time
b   romanticism
c   antiquity

Q4 : Who was the great neo-classic painter of the French Revolution?

a   Flaxman
b   David
c   Mengs

Q5 : Who painted this painting?

a   Vien
b   Ingres
c   Greuze

Q6 : Who thought drawing was more important than color?

a   Gérard
b   Ingres
c   Gros

Q7 Who was not a neo-Classic painter?

a   Hubert Robert
b   Kauffman
c   Pissaro

Q8 : Neo-Classicism appeared as an opposition do which preceding styles?

a   Rococo and Baroque
b   Cubisme and Abstract
c   Impressionism and Pointillisme

Q9 : Who is the author of the contemporary French writing "Art history of the   ancients 1764; Reflections on the imitation of Greek works in painting and sculpture 1755" on which this esthetic and ethical theory was founded?

a   Joacquim Wincklemann
b   Victor Hugo
c   Balzac

Q10 : Who painted this painting?

a   Guèrin
b   Girodet
c   Chassériau


Théodore Chassériau 1     
Théodore Chassériau 2

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