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1. The beginning of the period called Middle Ages started ?

a- with the fall of Constantinople
b- with the fall of the Byzantine Empire
c- with the fall of the Roman Empire

2. The Middle Ages were...?

a- an important period for  political, cultural and social advancements
b- a "Dark Age" period, without any true advancement
c- a period of destruction of previous art and knowledge

The Seventh Angel of the Apocalypse
Proclaiming the Reign of the Lord
c. 1180
Tempera, gold, and ink on parchment, 44,5 x 30 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

3.The biggest influence and power were concentrated in the hands of the...?

a- the church
b- emperors
c- governments of the countries

Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen)
Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen)c.800

4. Arts and learning were encouraged under the Carolingian Emperor Charlemagne, around the year 800. The cathedral of  Aix-la-Chapelle tries to recapture the glory of the architecture of... ?

a- Rome
b- Greece
c- Egypt

romandiagr.jpg (7430 bytes)

5. Which new symbolic addition was made during the time of Charlemagne which gave churches the appearance of a cross? 

a- the nave
b- the apse
c- the trancept


Book of Prayers of St Elisabeth of Hungary
c. 1220
Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Cividale

6. Monastic life became popular and many monasteries were built.  The monks contributed to the progress of agriculture, animal husbandry and to art with their...?

a- sculptures and decorations of monasteries
b- stained glass windowsvitraux
c- illuminated manuscripts

7. Illuminations are paintings on...?

a- tapestries
b- walls
c- parchment

Froidevaux-"Le Mont St. Michel" -(Le Temps Apprivoisé - isbn2-283-58046-3)

8. Monks worked on different kinds of religious books: bibles, missels, antiphonaries, etc.  They were also prized possessions for rulers and contained important records of the ideas of their time. 

These Illuminations were the most important paintings of Western Europe for...?

a- 500 years
b- 1000 years
c- 100 years

"St. Matthieu" - Gospel book of Archbishop Ebbo of Reims
c. 830-Bibliotheque Municipale, Epernay, France

9. In this representation of St. Mathew writing what the angel above him dictates, what is he holding in his left hand? 

a- a horn to call the faithful
b- a hearing aid  to better hear the angel 
c- a horn container for ink

Ste. Chapelle, Paris

10. Which Chapel best represents the rich period of the Middle Ages ?

a- the Sistine Chapel
b- the Sainte-Chapelle
c- the Palace Chapel


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