Middle Ages 02

Q1 : Who undertook the conquest of England in 1066?

a   William of Normandy
b   Joan of Arc
c   Du Guesclin

Q2 : Where does the term "illumination" come from?

a   from the "minimum red" often used in the images
b   from "minimum" which means "small"
c   from Asia Minor

Q3 : Which month does this picture of the Very Rich Hours of the Duke de Berry represent?

a  August
b  January
c  Octobre

Q4 : What were the outside stones and sculptures like in this period?

a   bare
b   painted
c   friable

Q5 : Which French church is most famous for its stained glass windows?

a   Notre-Dame de Paris
b   Notre-Dame de Reims
c   Notre-Dame de Chartres

Q6 : What does "manuscript" mean? 

a   without text
b   printed
c   written by hand

Q7 : Which art was most in fashion?

a   oil paint
b   frescoes
c   tag

Q8 : Who said "the art of painting is used in churches for those who cannot read and learn on these walls what they cannot learn in books"?

a   Gregory the Great
b   Charlemagne
c   Gutenberg

Q9 : What type of support are these stories inscribed? 

a   vellum
b   papyrus
c   parchment

Q10 : What is the name of this famous tapestry?

a  La Dame à la Licorne (the Lady of the Unicorn)
b  La tente bleu  (the Blue Tent)
c  La Dame au petit chien (Lady with small Dog)

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