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1. Where was Claude Monet born in 1840?

A) Paris, France
B) Nice, France
C) Rome, Italy
D) Brussels, Belgium


2. Where did Monet spend his youth?
A) Paris
B) Algiers
C) Argenteuil
D) Le Havre

3. After his mother died when he was 16, Monet lived with an aunt who painted and knew local artists. Which artist influenced  him to paint outdoors?

A) Boudin
B) Renoir
C) Sisley
D) Degas


4. In 1859 Monet went to study  at the Academie Suisse. What city did he move to.

A) Paris, France
B) Nice, France
C) Geneva, Switzerland
D) Brussels, Belgium

5. At that time, who is the artist he met who helped him financially.

A) Frédéric Bazille
B) Pierre-Auguste Renoir
C) Alfred Sisley
D) Camille Pissarro

6. In 1861-1862 Monet went to Algeria where he caught typhoid. Why was he there?

A) to paint
B) for his military service
C) for his health
D) to visit

7.  In 1862 Monet studied at the Charles Gleyre Studio.
He met Renoir(1841-1919), Sisley (1839-99) and Bazille (1841-70).
What was the name first used by these Impressionist painters?

A) Les Artistes de la Lumière
B) Les Peintres Parisiens
C) Le Groupe des Batignolles
D) Les Indélibiles

8. What painting was Monet NOT responsible for?

A) Le Mont St. Michel
B) Bathing at La Grenouillere
C) Waterlilies
D) Impression: Soleil Levant

9. In 1865-66 he painted "The Picnic" using Camille Doncieux as his model.
The painting which he submits to the Salon of 1866, Camille, ou la femme à la robe verte (The Woman in the Green Dress) was a huge success. What did Camille do in 1867?

A) She committed suicide
B) She became a famous artist herself
C) She gave birth to their first son
D) She refused to let him show the painting

10. Which painter was not part of the original group of Impressionist artists?

A) Picasso
B) Renoir
C) Sisley
D) Degas



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