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1. In 1882 Monet looks for a new house for him, Alice and their combined eight children.  He finds an old farm at the junction of the Epte and Seine rivers.  What was the name of the village?

A) Epte sur Seine
B) Versailles
C) Etretat
D) Giverny

2. In  1890  Monet starts his first series of paintings.   On which subject?

A) the Seine river
B) flowers
C) bales of hay
D) cathedrals

3. Once set up, the artist started work right away.  What did he create around him?

A) statues
B) a garden
C) a big wall
D) fountains

4. Why could Monet and Alice marry in 1891?

A) Ernest Hoschedé died
B) Alice received her divorce
C) Monet started to sell a lot of paintings
D) their children gave them permission

5. The first series of paintings had a lot of success.  He continued with a series of willow trees, and one of which cathedral?

A) Paris
B) Rheims
C) Rouen
D) Nantes

6. What was special about this series?

A) they were his only surrealist paintings
B) they were his last paintings
C) it was the same subject in different seasons
D) it was the same subject at different times of the day

7.  Until 1910, Monet traveled a lot on the coast of Brittany and abroad, especially London and Venice, which he painted a lot.  In 1911.....

A) Alice died
B) he became blind
C) he lost all his money
D) he retired

8.  Monet, was very depressed , stopped painting and did not got out of his house.  The Prime Minister of France,  Georges Clémenceau, a friend of Monet, convinced the artist to paint his garden, and particularly the waterlilies of his pond.  This series is unique by.... 

A) the fact that it was commissioned
B) the great size of the paintings
C) its Japanese style
D) the fact that he could hardly see anymore

9.  Thanks to an operation on his eyes, Monet continued to paint until his death in 1926, at 86.  What did he die of?

A) lung cancer
B) old age
C) heart attack  
D) sadness

10. In which Paris museum can you see Monet's paintings?

A) le Louvre
B) le Musée d'Orsay
C) le Musée Grévin
D) le Centre Pompidou



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