When was Matisse born?

a   January 25 1859
b   May 10th 1850
c   December 31st 1869

In which country?

a   France
b   Belgium
c   Switzerland

What was his father's profession?

a   grocer
b   dentist
c   drawing teacher

What profession did Matisse plan on following at first?

a   painting
b   law
c   navy

At which occasion did his taste for painting manifest itself?

a  outside a church after visiting a museum
b  after the influence of one of is cousins
c  after a surgery which kept him in bed for nearly a year

Which academy did he enter to follow courses in  1891 ?

a   the Fine Arts School of Lyon
b   he never went to any school
c   the Julian Academy

Who was his teacher during those years?

a   the painter Chassériau
b   the painter David
c   the painter Bouguereau

In which workshop will he continue his formation in 1892, when he entered the Fine Arts School of Paris?

a  Gustave Moreau
b  Maillol
c  Picabia

Which painter was his study partner? 

a  Braque
b  Picasso
c  Marquet

10.gif (2402 bytes) What was the maiden name of the woman he married in 1898?

a   Amélie Paraere
b   Doriane Gray
c   Amélie Poulain

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