Around 1931-33, for whom did Matisse make engravings and etchings to illustrate poems?

a   for his own poems
b   for Mallarmé
c   for Victor Hugo

Around 1934-35, Matisse makes cartoons for tapestries bases on "Ulysses". Which author wrote it?

a   James Joyce
b   Stendhal
c   Homer

In 1941, what makes him turn his attention towards book illustrations?

a   the war
b   a serious operation which confined him to his bed
c   the fact that his paintings did not sale

Which of these authors did Matisse not illustrate?

a   Baudelaire (Les Fleurs du Mal -The Flowers of Evil)
b   Boris Vian (J'irais craché sur vos tombes-I will spit on your tombs)
c   Marianne Alcoforado (Lettres Portugaises-Portuguese letters)

Which of these authors did Matisse not illustrate?

a  Alphonse Daudet (Lettres de mon Moulin-Letters from my windmill)
b  Reverdy (Visages-Faces)
c  Ronsard ( Amours-Loves)

In which city is the Church of Uniate for which Matisse made sketches (1954) ?

a    Moscow
b    New York
c    Tunis

In 1949, what does Matisse show for the first time in Paris?

a   his sculptures
b   his paintings
c   his cut papers

In which city is the Dominican chapel of Notre-Dame du Rosaire which he decorated from  1948 to 1951 ?

a  Lens
b  Venice
c  Vence

In which city is the Matisse Museum which opened in 1952 ?

a  Paris
b  Le Cateau-Cambrésis
c   Nice

10.gif (2402 bytes) When did Matisse die in Nice?

a   November 3, 1954
b   July 14, 1968
c   January 25, 1959

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