In 1897,  Matisse shows his great painting:  "La Desserte" or "Harmony in Red" which can be seen at the Hermitage Museum.

What type of influence is visible in this painting?

a   the Impressionist influence
b   the cubist influence
c   the expressionist influence

After Gustave Moreau's death , Matisse attends the Carrière Academy.  Which painters does he meet?

a   Derain and Puy
b   Picasso and Braque
c   Dali and Miro

In front of the financial difficulties which he faces around 1900, what does Matisse do?

a   he lives for a while at his parents'
b   he joins the Foreign Legion
c   he works as a legal assistant

In 1904, during the summer, he paints with  Signac and Cross in Saint-Tropez. What painting styles do these painters have?

a   Fauve
b   Pointillist
c   Cubist

What is the group of painters who showed their paintings with him at the  Salon des Indépendants in 1905 and 1906 ?

a   the Expressionists
b   the Fauves
c   the Dadaists

Who is a   "Fauve" painter ?

a   Picabia
b   Derain
c   Gris

Between 1909 and 1910, he paints 2 decorative panels for a Moscow businessman S. Shchukin. What are the titles?

a   "Dance in the City" et "Dance in the Country"
b   "Day" and "Night"
c   "Dance" and "Music" 

Which art exposition did he see in 1910 in Munich (Germany) influenced Matisse?

a   Russian art
b   Aztec art
c   Islamic art

What is Matisse's first name?

a   Paul
b   Henri
c   Edouard

10.gif (2402 bytes) In 1920, Matisse conceives of decors and costumes for the ballet of  S. Diaghilev: "The Nightingale". Who wrote the music?

a   Stravinsky
b   Carl Orff
c   Chostakovitch

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