Vigée Lebrun (1755 - 1842)

autoportrait at 26   (1781)

Q1 : What profession did her father have? (Louis Vigée, 1715 - 1808)

a   wine merchant
b   portrait painter
c   locksmith

Q2 :What profession did  Jean-Baptiste Lebrun (1748 - 1813) whom she married in   1776 ?

a   gallery owner and art critic
b   banker
c   General in the King's army

Portrait de Madame Vigee Le Brun par Adele Romany (1769-1846)

Q3 : Who taught her to paint?

a   Ingres
b   her father
c   her husband

Q4 : For which works was she soon famous?

a   her still lifes
b   her landscapes
c   her portraits

Q5 : What was the name of the queen (above) whom she often painted alone or with her children?

a   Aliénor
b   Elisabeth
c   Marie-Antoinette

Q6 : Why did she leave France at 12 years old?

a   to visit Europe
b   to get married 
c   because of the revolution

autoportrait de l'artiste avec sa fille

Q7 : What was  Vigée-Lebrun's first name ?

a   Marie-Louise
b   Louise-Élisabeth
c   Marie-Marguerite

Q8 : Where was she admitted in  1783 (something very rare for women of her time) ?

a   Fine Arts Academy
b   Science Academy
c   French Academy

Q9 : What is the name of her daughter, whom she represented in many paintings?

a   Sophie
b   Marie
c   Julie

Q10 : Who is represented in this painting?

a   Bacchus and Ariadne
b   Mercury and Europe
c   Zeus and Io

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translation: jcsatterlee 12/30/2002