A few questions on the important works of artists who brought about abstract art.

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Rain, Steam and Speed - The Great Western Railway (1844)

Q1 : Which painter  (1775-1851), the author of the work above, dissolved forms under the effect of light and color? 

a  William Blake
b  Georges Seurat
c   William Turner

Q2 : Which artist intended to "treat nature by cylinders, spheres and cones, and put them all into perspective" ?

a   Gauguin
b   Van Gogh
c   Paul Cézanne

Q3 : To which artist do we owe  "la Porte-Fenêtre à Collioure"
(1914, Paris, National Museum of Modern Art) which, by its framing and its economy of darks on his palette is close to abstract?

a   Vlaminck
b   Derain
c   Matisse

Picasso, Factory in Horta de Ebro, 1909 Saint-Pétersbourg, Russian Museum

Q4 : Which pictorial movement uses geometry and eliminates perspective by using only one group of color tones?

a   realism
b   fauvism
c   cubism

Q5 : To which Italian movement (which emphasized speed and light) does the beginning of abstract art owe a lot?  

a   futurist movement
b   dadaist movement
c   perpetual movement

Q6 : What is the name of the the Dutch group and  magazine founded by Theo Van Doesburgen in 1917, which publicized abstract art through its member artists?

a   Die Blau Reuter
b   De Stijl
c   Cobra

Broadway Boogie Woogie

Q7 : Who is the author of this painting whose theories were tied to the philosophy and to neoplasticism which was publicized by the magazine mentioned above?

a  Kandinsky
b   Mondrian
c   Vasarely

Q8 : What is the name of the Salon (expo) which in 1946 opened in Paris to propagate abstract art?

a   le Salon Réalités nouvelles
b   le Salon des Refusés
c   le Salon Abstrait

Q9 : What is the name of the movement which appeared in the late 1950's and which featured geometric forms, optical effect of light and color and tended to integrate works in an architectural setting. 

a   Land Art
b   Pop Art
c   Cinetic Art

Q10 : Who is the author of this work and member of the movement mentioned above ?

a  Yves Klein
b  Vasarely
c  Tinguely

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