Giotto - (Ambrogio Bondone) 1267 - 1337


1. In the Middle Ages, the walls and the ceilings of churches were painted to:

a- to decorate
b- teach the Scriptures
c- insure yourself a place in Heaven

2. Until the 14th century artists painted:

a- simple and stylised silhouettes
b- characters with faces full of expression
c- in abstract style

Il compianto su Cristo morto

3. Giotto was a master of spatial representation.  Which technique did he use to focus the attention on the face of Christ in "Il compianto su Cristo morto" above?

a- the head of Christ is in the center of the painting
b- the Christ figure is painted in more detail
c- nearly all the characters are looking towards the Christ figure
(see picture in the answers)

4. This technique marks the beginning of:

a- modern painting
b- perspective
c- the golden mean

5. Each character:

a- tells a story in itself
b- represents a character in the Bible
c- represents a member of a noble family who funded the project

6. Giotto is considered as the artist who symbolises the passage between:

a- the Renaissance and the Baroque period
b- the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
c- Greco-Roman art and Roccoco

7. Giotto shared his work between architecture and painting.   Architect of the Duomo of Florence and the tower,  he worked for several princes of Europe, but he was born:

a- in Italy
b- in Greece
c- in Spain

Arena à Padoue
(click on the picture to take a tour!)

8. Visit the Chapel Arena in Padoua (above), a magnificent exemple of frescoes.  A "fresco" is a painting:

a- on a wall
b- of fresh oil paint
c- on moist plaster

byzantine mosaique, Ravene

9. The Byzantyne mosaïcs of the S. Vitale Church in Ravenna which influenced the way of painting until the 14th century, date from:

a- 12th century
b- 5th century
c- 8th century

10.  In the 15th century, Filippo Brunelleschi and Leon Battista Alberti   invented and theorised a technique of perspective to show depth of field on a flat surface, giving the work a:

a- bidimensional dimension
b- tridimensional dimension
c- multidimensional dimension

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