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Actrice Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo


1. Kahlo was born in Mexico City in 1907. Her father was a photographer of Hungarian Jewish descent,  her mother was

A) German
B) Hungarian
C) American
D) Spanish and Native American 


2. At the age of six
A) she was stricken with polio
B) she was in a car accident
C) she became an orphan
D) she was sent away to school

3. In 1925, Kahlo suffered the serious accident which was to set the pattern for much of the rest of her life.

A) she was in a car accident
B) she lost her sight
C) a bus which collided with a tramcar
D) she was physically attacked

In 1926, during her convalescence,  she charted the events of her life and her emotional reactions to them through

A) a series of self-portraits
B) a series of murals
C) a series of biographical books
D) a series of letters


5. In 1929, at the age of 22, she married

A) Salvador Dali
B) Joan Miró
C) Diego Rivera
D) Pollock

6. Rivera was 43 when he married Frida, and she was his

A) first wife
B) second wife
C) third wife
D) fourth wife

7. Because of political tensions in Mexico, Frida and Diego went to

A) Paris
B) Barcelona
C) London
D) San Francisco

8. While Rivera was painting a series of murals in Detroit she suffered  a miscariage, after which she put all her sorrow into her paintings.

The style she evolved was entirely unlike that of her husband, being based on Mexican folk art and in particular on the small votive pictures, which the pious dedicated in Mexican churches, called 

A)  retablos
B)  navidades
C) cuadros
D) pinturas

9. Her life with Rivera became tumultuous, with both of them having many affairs, which ended in divorce.  In 1940. Two months later she married

A) Marcel Duchamp
B) Kandinsky
C) Picasso
D) Diego Rivera

Her artistic reputation continued to grow, though at first more rapidly in the United States than in Mexico itself.  In 1954 she had her first solo show in Mexico.  Ahe also taught and was an impassioned communist.  After many surgeries on her spine, Frida's leg was amputated, and she died in 1954.

Although she is often grouped with the artists of this movement, Frida Kahlo said: 'They thought I was a ....., but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.'

A) Surrealist painter
B) Abract painter
C) Post-Impressionist
D) Figurative painter


Her last diary entry read: 'I hope the end is joyful - and I hope never to come back - Frida.'"

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