01  Fauvism

Q1 : Which year did the Fall Salon in Paris take place where the Fauve showed their work?

a   1960
b   1905
c   1920

Q2 : What do the Fauve love the most?

a   perspective
b   classical art
c   color

Q3 : Was Braque considered a Fauve at first?

a   no
b   yes
c   he was never a painter

Q4 : In which foreign capital did Derain go to paint many paintings?

a   Moscow
b   London
c   Washington

Q5 :  What did the critique  Louis Vauxcelles compare the Fall Salon exposition to?

a   une "cage aux fauves " (a cage of wild aimals)
b   une "cage à poules" (a cage for chickens)
c   une "cage aux fous" (a cage of madmen)

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