The Barbizon School

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Q1 : Where is Barbizon ?

a80 kilometers from London
b50 kilometers from Brussels (Belgium)
c60 kilometers from Paris

Q2 : In the 19th century, this name became synonymous with which style of painting?

abattle scenes

Q3 : Which book in 1925, really revealed the important of the Barbizon school?

athe book by Maupassant :"Le Horla"
bthe book by Victor Hugo :"Les Misérables"
cthe book by :"Landscape art in France".

Rocks in the Fontainebleau Forest

Q4 : Who painted this painting?

aGeorges Michel
bCamille Corot

Q5 : Which painter is NOT part of the Ecole de Barbizon ?

a Georges Michel
b Théodore Rousseau
c Paul Gauguin

Q6 : Against which tendency did nearly all the Barbizon painters (nearly all banned from the Salons) manifested a type of revolt in their work?

aagainst the alphabetization of society
bagainst the industrialization of society
cagainst the beginning of photography

Q7 : Who painted this work: The Gleaner (1850) ?

a Georges Michel
bJean-François Millet
c Vincent Van gogh

Q8 : What other name is attributed to the Barbizon School?

a L'Ecole de la Ville (School of Cities)
b L'Ecole de la Nature (School of Nature)
c L'Ecole des 4 Jeudis (Blue Moon School)

Q9 :Which painters of a famous movement went to the Barbizon School?

athe Pompiers painters
bthe Abstract painters
cthe impressionist painters

Ruins of the Theater of Taormina [Sicile]

Q10 : Who painted this work?
(artist considered as the mentor of Corot)

aEdouart Manet
bGustave Moreau
cAchille Michallon

A few painters from the Barbizon school:
Georges Michel, Théodore Rousseau, Jean-François Millet, Corot, Daubigny, Diaz, Courbet, Charles Jacque Jules Breton, Louis Cabat, Ferdinand Chaigneau, Eugène Ciceri, Chintreuil, François Daubigny, Alexandre Decamps, Jules Dupré, Louis Français, Defaux, Jean Batiste Gassies, Harpignies, Olivier de Penne, Troyon, Félix Ziem ...

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