Art Nouveau

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Q1 : Whose painting is this?

a   Mucha
b   Klimt
c   Rossetti

Q2 : In which city did Art Nouveau "explode"?

a  Nancy
b  Clermond-Ferrand
c  Toulouse

Q3 : How are the subjects of this painting style ?

a  symbolic
b  realistic
c  abstract

Q4 : Are the extreme subjects with feminine curves, a very present vegetable world, a repetition of motifs, sometimes extravagant, present in "Art Nouveau"?

a   no
b   yes
c   what's the question?

Q5 :Whose painting is this ?

a  Eckmann
b  Mucha
c  Klimt

Q6 : Art Nouveau, developed in Europe in which period?

a   at the end of the 14th century
b   at the end of the Middle Ages
c   at the end of the 19th century

Q7 : What other word does not correspond to Art Nouveau?

a  Modern Style
b  Fauvism
c  Jugendstil

Q8 : Whose illustration is this? 

a  Beardsley
b  Klimt
c  Waterhouse

Q9 :The School of Nance saw its decline at the start of which war?

a   World War Three 
b   World War Two
c   World War One

Q10 : Who is not part of the Art Nouveau movement?

a  Veermer
b  Beardsley
c  Van de Velde

Eckmann - Klimt - Van de Velde - Beardsley - Toorop - Rippl-Rónai - Mucha - Preisler

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