Greek Art
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296b.gif (7961 bytes)1. What is the name of this helmet dedicated to Zeus  won   on the battlefield by the Argians?

Question 1 :
A Olympian 
B Corinthian
C Athenian
D Dorian

2070b.gif (12520 bytes)  2. This bronze battle horse statuette made with a traditional patina finish is a faithful copy of a piece kept in the National Museum of Athens.  What period is the original from?

Question 2 :
A 1500-1300 B.C.
B 1200-1000 B.C.
C  800-700  B.C.
D  500-300  B.C

3575b.gif (18985 bytes) 3. This fresco represents Apollo offering libations.  He holds a lyre and a wine container.  What does the crow  represent?

Question 3 :
A love
B peace
C god
D life

2845b.gif (13215 bytes) 4. The Sphinx of Thebes perched on an Ionic column, was the daughter of Chimera and Orthos.   Who is sitting on a rock  listening to the enigma of the Sphinx? (Hint: Art of Attica)

Question 4 :
A Zeus
B Laios
C Sophocles
D Oedipus


3439b.gif (10364 bytes)   5. Oinochoe Vase from the area of Corinth. What does   "Oinochoe" mean?

Question 5 :
the city where the vase is from
a wine container
the name of a Corinthian god
a funeral urn for ashes

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