Gallo-roman Art
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7144b.gif (27222 bytes)1. This statue is a representation of a Centaur.  It is fighting a snake, representing the necessity of controlling one's instincts.

Which Centaur gave up his immortality to stop his suffering and became the constellation Sagittarius?

Question 1 :
A Hercules
B Prometheus
C Chiron
D Cronus

 75b.gif (10894 bytes) 2. Owl from the roman period in white marble fashion on a marble stand.

Roman period (until the 4th century A.D.) Louvre Museum, Paris, and National Museum of Athens.

The owls produced between the Corinthian period (7th century B.C.) and the Roman period were polychrome ceramics, often hollow in the shape of a small recipient. What did these small vases contain?

Question 2 :
A incense
B oil for a  lamp
C parfume
D candles

 7164b.gif (23078 bytes) 3. The she-wolf of the Capitol, emblem of Rome.

The twins, Romulus et Rémus, left by their dying mother  Rheia Silvia and their father, the god Mars, at the edge of the Tiber river by their great-uncle Amulius (who had taken the crown from his brother) and was afraid that the twins would retake the kingdom from him.

When the waters went down, the basket stopped and a she-wolf allowed the twins to nurse.
Who found the wolf and the twins?


Question 3 :
A the king of Alba Longa
B Numitor
C a Vestal virgin
D the king's shepherd

 5435b.gif (8931 bytes) 4.Venus with sandals.

Primitive statuette of Venus losing her sandal.

Venus, the mother of Cupid,  the wife of Vulcan, the iron-worker god, had a lot of lovers like Mars,   Anchises and a shepherd called ...?


Question 4 :
A Adonis
B Hephestus
C Aries
D Zeus


  7150b.gif (22706 bytes) 5. This quadriga, shows the interest the Romans had for the circus games.

The Great Circus of Rome could hold 250000 persons and thanks to the many Roman holidays, there was a lot of time to see them.   The chariots had to go around the 568m track 7 times each.  There were not more than 4 quadriga at a time and each stable distinguished itself by the colors warn by the driver.
How many holidays were there in the year?

Question 5 :
A 100
B 150
C 200
D 250

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