Egyptian Art

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1. The Rosetta stone is unique and it is thanks to one of Napoleon's officers the this stone was discovered in 1799 near Rosetta   (Rashîd), Egypt,in the Valley of the Nile.  It was sent to Cairo to French scholars.  In 1822 Champolion, a French archaeologist, completed deciphering the inscriptions. The Rosetta stone was originally inscribed in 195 B.C. Original in the British Museum

The stone contains the same message
--a decree praising King Ptolemy V--
in how many scripts?

Question 1 :
A one
B two
C three
D four

 5101b.gif (20412 bytes) 2. This relief is a reproduction of a building inscription from an Egyptian temple. The hieroglyphs depicted are the ankh, ; the falcon; and a sun disk draped with a uraeus serpent (a cobra), which caries an ankh around its neck. Egyptian, Now in the Detroit Institute of Arts. 360 BC.

What does the Ankh cross symbolize?

Question 2 :
A eternal life
B the god Horus
C death
D the god Osiris

 1741b.gif (19440 bytes) 3. Bust of Touthankamon 1335 to 1326.


He was the second successor of Akhenaton and began his rule as Tutankhaten, but as he was reconsidered by the faithfuls of Amen, he restored his clergy in his prerogatives and changed his name into Tutankhamen. Tutankhamen became king in 1333 B.C. at the age on nine and reigned until the age of seventeen or eighteen.  The richness of his grave, which was discovered nearly intact in 1922, caused a posthumous notoriety probably undeserved.

Where is the tomb of Touthankamon located?

Question 3 :
A in the Valley of the Kings
B in the great pyramid of Giza
C in the great Sphinx
D in Karnak

 6395b.gif (20622 bytes) 4.The family of the god  Osiris

The  Osiris family is represented in an original fashion: Isis, the mother, and her son with the falcon head, protect with a protective gesture the god Osiris crouched on a pillar.  According to the legend, Isis had put Osiris' body back together and had breathed life into him long enough to conceive a son with him.  The son avenged his father by provoking a strange combat with his assassin, the god Seth.  The name of the king, Osorkon is engraved in the pillar, assuring his place among the great god of the dead.

What is the name of the son of Osiris and Isis?

Question 4 :
A Abydos
B Busiris
C Set
D Horus


  1746b.gif (11249 bytes) 5.Kefren on the Throne

This statue is a masterpiece of round-hump-sculpture. Its majestic position, its perfect relief and its subtle symbolism let it appear as a manifesto of the theocratic monarchy of the Old Empire. Chefren (Khafre) is Cheopses (Khufu) son.  The king on the throne puts a hand down flat on his knee, in the other hand he is holding a rolled fabric whose ends fall on the side.

Where is the tomb of Kefren located?

Question 5 :
A in Giza
B in the Sphinx
C in the Second Pyramide
D in the Valley of the Kings

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