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Kandinsky : composition 8

Q1 : What title does not apply to Abstractionism?

a   Informal Art
b   Non-Figurative Art
c   Figurative Art

Q2 : What was the aim of this movement?

a   a hyperealism of reality
b   a return to antique art
c   a break with visible representation

Factory by Frantisek Kupka, (1929-30)

Q3 : To which artist is attributed the first abstract watercolor? (Untitled, 1910, Paris, National Museum of Modern Art ) 

a  Rodtchenko
b  Klee
c  Kandinsky

Abstract art diversifies itself with the Russian avant-garde.  In 1912,   Mikhaïl Larionov (1881-1964),  major figure of the Russian avant-garde, has a show at  "Donkey's Tail", in Moscow.

Q4 : What is the title of his Manifesto, published in 1913?

a   Manifesto of plasticism
b   Manifesto of rayonnism
c   Manifesto of pointillism

Supremacist Composition

Q5 : Who painted "Black square on white background"?  (1913, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Museum) a radical expression of the style of this artist.

a   Rodtchenko
b   Kandinsky
c   Malevitch

Q6 : What is the title of the publication of this artist in 1915?

a   the October Manifesto
b   the Manifesto of Surrealism  
c   the Manifesto of Supremacy

Paul Klee

Q7 : Founded in Weimar (1919-1933) which school propagates the thesis of constructivism and also has a great importance in the emergence of abstract art?

a   the Paris Art School
b   the Nancy Art School
c   the Bauhaus Art School

Q8 : Who is the founder of this school?

a  Walter Gropius
b  Paul Klee
c  Malevitch

Relief and Rhythms : Robert   Delaunay 1932

Q9 : Which other Russian with  Vladimir Tatline  published in 1923 the Program of the Constructivist Group which denounces art as a lie.

a  Mikhaïl Larionov
b  El Lissitzky
c  Aleksandr Rodtchenko

Q10 : Tatline, in the 1915's after having elaborated his "counter-relief", abstract sculptures mixing wood and iron, joins which social movement? 

a   the October revolution
b   the January revolution
c   the July revolution

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